Zithromax Purchase

by kyjuhyk on August 30, 2012
Zithromax Purchase

Related article: very small, let it dry as hard as wood ; pour on it brandy, adding a little salt, and turn the pieces over and over to moisten them equally ; then dry it again. Les meilleures savonettes de Bologne. Sav. de Bol. 3 packets, soften with eau d'ange, add French milk of roses 8 pints; divide it into two, to each of which add 2 oz. of bals. of Peru, a thread of neroli, a good handful of a powder composed of l-3d poudre fine a la Mareschale, l-3d of elecampane root powdered, l-3d labdanum, and a gallon of musked eau d'ange. If savonettes de la p^te de Bologne cannot be procured, use 4lb. of purified soap in the place of each packet ; and for the poudre composee you may use the cake of eau d'ange ground very fine. The musked eau d'ange is made ... read more

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Zithromax Purchase

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